Friday, August 28, 2009

Midnight Haiku

The night steps its way
into my time alone
ever so lightly

The moon says to me
"The sun will not fool you so,
like I am capable."

"It is not but I,
whom you fool with your gleam,"
I reply in hasty.

"It is the vision,
and the ears of my mind.

Not my person fooled."

"Why then," says the moon,
"Are you asleep with eyes open,
while your mind's awake?"

"That is so," say I,
"For your arms'd wake the dead
of the deepest sleep."

"Why then," says the moon,
"Is your mind dead while the sun
attends to your person?"

"Not but dead," say I,
"Only asleep, and deeply so,
to rest and to hide.

For the sun is bright,
too bright for the mind to be seen.
and to be looked on."

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