Friday, August 7, 2009

Ask the Wind

How many times
Have you orbited the earth and seen me down here
From up where you are?

How many times
Have you crossed the Pacific
And counted the whales under?

How many times
Have you brought the pale faces on corners
The brightness I see in spring?

How many times
Have you blown your way out of battlefields
Sweeping up ashes on the pavement?

How many times
Have you seen smiles and frowns
And which one of them do you see more often?

How many times
Have you heard a prayer of a villager
And known his answer from the city you'd just passed?

How many times
Do you think we will weep, sob and cry until
You see us with bravery? With eyes of savior?

Without a scar of tears?
Without a scare for affection?
Without a trace of fear?
Without an anger at confusion?
Without a laughter of manipulation?
Without complication?

And how many times,
Since you've seen it all,
Do you think I will love? Down here on earth?

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