Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Waited

There around the corner.
Just around that corner.
The waited heads.

With anticipation that is
In the blushes on the cheek.
In the stretched corners of the mouth.
In the faster steps of the boots.

Right around the corner.
Just turn that corner.
The waiter stands.

With anticipation that is
In the hands in the pockets.
In the eyes behind the glasses.
In the silence and in the calm.



Saturday, August 21, 2010


Falling was easy.

And so was landing.

What wasn't.

Was getting up and going.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Sonnet II

The wind was whimsical and vigorous.
She took my hands and said, "This way"
As they stayed cold, palsied to the dismay.
The storm was merciless and tremulous.
He took the way our from my sight
And left me astray with no heat or light.
Let not that journey of solitude repeat any longer.
Let not the crucial nights come again to loiter
And sore my heart to pass it alone.
Let me reach to the light so shone.
Let me now sit on the top of the hill
Never to look back on my foot prints
On a path reashed this far. You put me in splints,
Standing unshaken for that you love me still.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sonnet II

He that reads my absolute yes
Neglects not to look on many a silent no.
I that have his eternal bless
Dismiss not but admit the subtle woe.
The two on a tandem fall never on one another
But in union, only to sept up and go a little further.
We look not back at what remains behind,
Nor hinder our way with that which baits our mind.
He with a determination, that is of gentility
And of devotion, finds me here inspired.
I with affention of immutability
And of cultivation, return his heart so desired.
Yes, we join our humble anticipation.
Of tomorrow ever so large in this true relation.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


It's moments like

seating myself next to you reading.

Saying hello like it's nothing.

Feeling the air between us shifting.

Saying one thing but thinking another.

Telling myself yet another something.

Taking a mental note of your tacky shoes.

Hearing you reply in a throaty voice from a flu.

Thinking that it's sexy.

Exhaling hope, inhaling freedom.

Small-talking and big-time flirting.

More moments like these

and I am had.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Here I Go

Here I go,
thinking of you.
And dreaming of us.

And I fail
standing still.
Seeing with eyes.

Here I run
to the distance.
To the hope of the unseen.

Here I see
love in my heart growing.
And myself falling.

Right here I stay,
in your arms, in your thoughts.
In your dreams, in your heart.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

What It'd Be Like

Keep looking down on your book.
Stay that way and don't catch my eyes.
Don't turn your face this way,
so I can imagine
what it'd be like to be with you.

Stay there and sip your coffee.
If you need to look this way,
do it slowly so I can look away.
And I can imagine
what it'd be like to be with you.

Sing me your words, I will learn.
And I will play them in my head
Over and over all night long
as I imagine
what it'd be like to be with you.

I can be a pain sometimes
but please chance it, I'll be good for you.
Cut me a slice of hope
and let me taste
what it'd be like to be with you.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

At an Apartment for One

At an apartment for one,

there is happiness in
crawling back into bed
where the warmth you left behind
still remains and cradles you.

At an apartment for one,

there is happiness in
stepping into the room
where the light the sun filled the place
still lingers its smell in the air.

At an apartment for one,

there is happiness in
hearing the kettle start to whistle
and weighing the hot water to know
there's enough for another cup later.

At an apartment for one,

there is happiness in
hearing your thoughts in silence
and finding your voice yet again.
The world was harsh out there today.

At an apartment for one,

there is happiness in
knowing what you feel.
And there is happiness in
being alone, away from the rest.

At an apartment for one,

there is happiness at
the thought of going out to the world,
mingling in the crowd of people,
walking past strangers on a street.

At an apartment for one,

there is happiness in
turning the light on in the dark.
There is happiness in
the loneliness that your heart bears.

There is loneliness when there is happiness,
the happiness in the room of your heart.

At an apartment for one,

there always is a room for more.

There always is happiness.